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All throughout the Dallas area and surrounding cities there are a multitude or companies of pest control and wildlife professionals who provide animal removal and exclusion. These companies use similar products and techniques for wildlife exclusion in Dallas homes. Although prices may vary; many focus on minimal exclusionary methods.
At All Pest Solutions, we proud ourselves with our ability to not only to eliminate a critter problem, but also to provide the best exclusion the market has ever seen. Our exclusion program is designed to give maximum coverage with the most effective sheet metal fabrication. The builders of this program know how to utilize everyday materials for an above average fix. Our program is not designed to give quick coverage just to fix to the initial problem at hand. All Pest wildlife professionals understand that in the Dallas area many populations cannot be moved or relocated. With that said the next best thing is protect to home owners greatest investment; their home. At All Pest we understand what it takes to prevent these critters and will use any tool and fabrication method known to boast the best results. Our exclusion staff has previous welding and sheet metal fabrication skills that allow us to provide that above average fix. We utilize these other fields to the customers benefit. The ability to custom fabrication at the customer’s house speaks loudly about our fix.

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What Sets All Pest Solutions Apart from the Competition?
When dealing with squirrels it is important to take any avenue away for possible re-entry. This is why our program gives at a minimum of 12 to 14 inches of sheet metal converge on any given Dallas home eve way. All Pest uses these lengths of coverage for a few reasons. First and foremost it to provide a maximum squirrel defense, but also gives us room for the best secured installation areas. Many companies use pre bent sheet metal such as standard house drip line for their exclusion. The majority of the time use shallow sheet metal only allows for a silicone anchor. The shallow sheet metal also can be bested by squirrels once they realize the shallow metal can be chewed past. In the long run those shallow patches don’t give optimum coverage and can possibly cost more to remove and re-install a new fix.
We use products that give maximum life as well as coverage. The use of galvanized sheet metal allows for the exclusion to last 20 plus years, respectively. With a simple exterior paint that number can easily increase. All Pest’s program utilizes the best of paintable exterior adhesives to prevent leakage into the home and the decaying of deck boards. On top of the adhesive backing another crucial step is that of the screws used to secure the sheet metal itself. In the Dallas area most homes have sheet metal already secured in place with roofing nails. Over time winds will begin to pull the sheet up and remove the nails. With this occurrence the nails then begin to leak. This is why we use sealed screws so that leakage from wind damage is no longer a problem.

All Pest wildlife exclusion technicians enjoy hands on sheet metal custom fabrication and this notion shows in our work. The history behind our exclusion spawns from that of an actual welding and fabrication shops. Many of technicians do have skills in the welding and sheet metal background and are able to approach most entries from a different point of view than most. Custom fabrication does not stop at the customer’s house. If an efficient patch cannot be made on site, a piece can be fabricated in house out of most metals in order to make the fix. All Pest also has at their disposal a piece of equipment that cannot be found on anywhere else on the market. The design of this tool allows for seamless installation on Dallas homes. When a program is decided upon by homeowners, they can rest assured knowing that the best tools will be used for best possible fix. There will be zero hand bent exclusion with our work. Only seamless sheet fabrication will be done upon completion.

When choosing a company for wildlife removal and repair, it is important that the chosen group be able to perform on all fronts. Not only do they have to posses the ability to remove animals safely and efficiently, but they also should be able to provide a fix that keeps critters out for years to come. Ultimately as customers the price for exclusion programs may be irrelevant in terms of irreversible property damage.
For any questions about our exclusion methods feel free to call us and schedule a consultation. As usual “Got Pest Call the Best” and “Experience the ultimate in value integrity and trust”, and we look forward to hearing from our valued customers.

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