Useful Home Remedies For Cockroaches

Cockroaches are usually very unsanitary and unpleasant and this means that it can really be hard to get rid of them. This is on top of the fact that cockroach pest control services use different methods for getting rid of the two common types of cockroaches: American or German roaches. Before you decide what method to use to get rid of cockroaches, it is important to consider the size, physical features and the habitats. Once you have realized the right type of cockroaches, you can then decide on a good treatment method. The best way to completely get rid of cockroaches is to hire a cockroach pest control service. This is the only effective method as it deals with the cockroach nests, something the DIY methods may not achieve. However, here are a few home remedies that you can use to get rid of cockroaches as you organize to contract a cockroach pest control service.

Sugar and baking soda

This is a mixture that is quite effective. Sugar and baking soda should be able to kill the cockroaches in an effective way and you will realize a quick decline in the population. You need to determine where the roaches area and therefore, you will need to take note of where the pests are hiding before placing the bait that they will eat. Mix the two ingredients in equal measures and sprinkle them in the affected area.


Boric acid

You can buy boric acid from your local store or even an online store. It is definitely a good killer of ants, roaches and many other pests. The acid is very effective in killing cockroaches and is commonly used as a remedy. However, since it not safe for consumption, make sure that you keep it away from children and even pets. Avoid long-term exposure as it can also make you sick. Also note that it is usually effective when dry. You will need to ensure that the roaches will walk through the powder.

Fabric softener spray

While this works well in killing cockroaches, it doesn’t work with the other methods. Instead, you will need to prepare it into a spray before spraying roaches found around the home. Mix two parts of the remedy and two parts water. The cockroaches usually breathe through the skin and this means that when this spray gets into the surface of their skin, it will end up suffocating them.

Bay leaves

It could be that you don’t want to kill the cockroaches and just need them outside the home. These can be a natural repellent for roaches as they don’t like the smell. These leaves are also not poisonous for humans.

Lemon juice or lemon pills

Lemons have a fresh smell and this is why they are commonly used as household cleaners. One thing that you will agree is that lemon juice is one powerful agent that cuts through the stain and grease. However, majority don’t know that it is good in repelling roaches due to its anti-pathogenic properties.

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